Our History

I have been climbing for more than 25 years and have practiced almost all types of climbing. For me it is much more than a sport or physical activity. It is a spiritual experience of overcoming, tempering, humility, partnership and trust.

My wife and I met in the mountain, later that’s where we got married. We enjoy climbing together in Bulgaria and abroad, and one of our favorite forms of climbing is ice climbing. We look forward to winters that are cold enough and wonderfully-frozen waterfalls. But these conditions are becoming increasingly rare and brief. This has awakened in me the desire to experience the enjoyment of ice climbing training year-round, regardless of external conditions and circumstances.

My family has been carpenters for generations and we all have flare for wood. I enjoy creating different things with wood. Moreover, I like the idea of combining these two worlds – of the mountains and carpentry, in the products I create.

Over the past 5 years, through the Verticals design brand, we have developed different models of wooden axes that provide variety both in shape and price range. A children’s version of our classic model, first created for our son, was also invented.

During this period, wooden tools originally created for personal use have reached every corner of the planet – we have hundreds of satisfied customers and excellent feedback coming from literally every continent. This brings us satisfaction and inspiration to continue creating and improve together with you.