Our Philosophy

We believe that sporting achievements are a great thing, but they become a real success when they are combined with other matters we generally call our values.

As a family-owned company, connecting, supporting and enjoying communication – with people and with nature – are among our core values. Family and team relationships, our relationship with you, the way we communicate adds value and satisfaction. 

Climbing is a special kind of activity where you put your life in the hands of another person. There is something very scary and very great about that. A real thrill that helps us trains trust, responsibility and awareness of the value of life on the other side of the rope.


Special attention deserves to be given to relationships with nature. We are designed to live there. And we’re sure you know what we’re talking about. Once you’ve tasted that spaciousness and freedom, it’s hard to find contentment among concrete buildings. Creation gives us much and we can learn invaluable lessons. And we are called to reciprocate with respect and care, so that these corners are preserved for those who come after us.


It is important to us that one feels comfortable in the mountains – on the rocks or the ice. Anyone who does ice climbing knows that this type of climbing requires training specific muscle groups. Our products offer just that – a year-round opportunity to train at home or in a gym, so you can improve your fitness and climbing technique. This way you will also get the maximum experience on the ice.


We believe in individuality as well as the accessibility of resources for development. We have created different models to cater to different ages as well as the individual preferences of our clients. We strive to achieve high quality at affordable prices.

Since our main gain is your satisfaction and trust.