Which model toCHOOSE

Classic model

Wooden Tools are handmade from multi-ply wood for greater strength and durability. The shape of wooden tools is as close as possible to this of Dry-Ice-axes, and the feeling is almost identical. We have improved the product and now the pick is covered with a better and sturdier rubber, creating much better grip and protecting the holds in the climbing gym from damage. The handle is designed to protect the hand and is also suitable for grip with both hands.


This model has a more aggressive pick, more ergonomic handles and a comfortable second hand grip option with the size of a real ice axe. The new shape gives a much more real feel, resembling the experience of handling real ice axes. We’ve made the training drytools lighter, but still strong. And last but not least – with a new, extremely resistant rubber which provides for hundreds of movements.

Compact model

This new model is very compact and light. You can just put it in your backpack and go to the gym. The handles are quite comfortable and the pick is equipped with a new, extremely resistant rubber which provides for hundreds of movements. And last but not least – this new model is a very cost-effective solution for everyone, who wants to be in shape for the ice climbing season.

Kids model

My kids were the inspiration to create wooden indoor training tools for kids, so we can train and share this amazing experience together. This model is completely identical in form and function to the classic one, but is sized to fit small children’s hands. The length is 35 cm.


Our products are treated with eco-friendly oils that do not seal the wood, thus making it breathable. The oil we use is a colourless, bio impregnating oil based on natural vegetable oils. The impregnated surface does not absorb water and is more resistant to harmful UV rays due to its special additives. It contains substances that protect the wood against mould and fungi invasion. We recommend regular maintenance of impregnated surfaces, at least twice a year.

Rubber replacement

You will need the following tools and materials :
Knife, sandpaper, chisel, gloves, glue, rubber.
To replace the rubber you can purchase it from us or look for a suitable rubber in your place. The old rubber should be removed carefully with a sharp knife so as not to injure yourself or damage the wooden surface. You should then clean both surfaces thoroughly and glue them. Press the rubber firmly against the beak of the chisel for as long as the glue manufacturer recommends. Cut carefully the rubber along the outline of the pick. If you’re worried that you won’t get the job done, you can seek the services of a shoemaker around you!

Storage and transportation

Wooden tools should be stored in a dry and dark place. If you travel frequently you can also purchase our compact model to make it easier to find space in your luggage.


Cleaning off magnesium is easy with a damp cloth. It is then a good idea to coat them with an impregnating clear oil to prolong their life. If they have any other kind of staining you can sand them carefully and re-impregnate them with a similar oil.

Important things to know when using our products

With wooden tools you can learn delicacy in their placement. Imagine climbing on very thin ice! Ice that could break apart at any moment. What do we do… We don’t force the ice axe, we place them delicately. If we get that flair, we’ve really achieved what our products are designed to do. That way, we won’t hurt our tools.

No Stein Pull! Due to the specifics of the material, wooden tools cannot be used backwards and/or sideways wedged in the holds. There is a risk of breakage. They should only be placed (and not stuck) on the holds.
Problems that can occure

Sometimes our customers feel great fatigue when climbing with our ice axes. We have to tell you that this is normal. Because climbing with ice axes stresses certain muscle groups in a non-standard way. That is exactly their point. To train our body in a way similar and close to real ice climbing. If you feel excessive exertion, slow down. Give yourself a break and start again slowly.

How to choose a route

Before we start climbing, it is a good idea to look at the route to see if the holds are suitable for this type of climbing. There are gyms that have routes specifically arranged for such training. You can ask the gym for similar routes or ask if they would arrange such.


Wooden tools are intended for indoor use only.
Be sure to be secured with rope when using the tools in the training gym and make sure the tools are attached to you or to the rope. Thus the risk of injuring yourself or someone below you if you drop the tool will be avoided.
It is strongly recommended that climbers and belayers wear a helmet when training with our products.