Wooden Ice Axes Dynamic



This model reminds to the maximum the classic axes. Simple and functional, it provides the opportunity for a full workout and includes the option of a two-hand grip.

Wooden Tools are handmade from multi-ply wood for greater strength and durability. The shape of wooden tools is as close as possible to this of Dry-Ice-axes, and the feeling is almost identical. We have improved the product and now the pick is covered with a better and sturdier rubber, creating much better grip and protecting the holds in the climbing gym from damage. The handle is designed to protect the hand and is also suitable for grip with both hands.

Wooden tools are intended for indoor use only.
Be sure to be secured with rope when using the tools in the training gym and make sure the tools are attached to you. Thus the risk of injuring someone below you if you drop the tool will be avoided. Wear a helmet.

We do not recommend to practice stein pulls with the training tools.


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